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AEGIS® Bearing Protection Handbook:
Best Practices for Bearing Protection in New and Repaired Motors,
Testing In-Service Motors, and Inspecting Damaged Motor Bearings.

The AEGIS® Bearing Protection Handbook: Edition 3
Motor Repair Handbook - English

We are happy to present Edition 3 of the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Handbook. The Handbook has been revised and extended to include, among many other things, information about high-frequency bonding in VFD-driven systems, shaft grounding for DC motors, information on our re-launched PRO Series of high-current bearing protection rings, and full instructions on how to measure and record shaft voltages with the new AEGIS® Shaft Voltage Tester™ Digital Oscilloscope.

Edition Three is not yet available in all languages, but translation is underway. The International Edition is available in several other languages - see below.

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